Use our remote installer script for automatic download and installation on Ubuntu-based Linux. For other distributions, download the appropriate .tgz file for your architecture. See below for details...

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.. - 599 B 2024-05-19 23:06:48
netrinos-edgenode-linux_1.2.0_amd64.deb 5.4 MB 2024-05-22 13:10:37
netrinos-edgenode-linux_1.2.0_arm64.deb 5.0 MB 2024-05-22 13:10:37
netrinos-edgenode-linux_beta_amd64.deb 5.4 MB 2024-05-22 13:10:07
netrinos-edgenode-linux_beta_arm64.deb 5.0 MB 2024-05-22 13:10:07
netrinos-edgenode-linux_daily_amd64.deb 5.4 MB 2024-05-26 23:05:08
netrinos-edgenode-linux_daily_amd64.tgz 5.5 MB 2024-05-26 23:05:08
netrinos-edgenode-linux_daily_arm64.deb 5.0 MB 2024-05-26 23:05:12
netrinos-edgenode-linux_daily_arm64.tgz 5.0 MB 2024-05-26 23:05:12
netrinos-edgenode-linux_latest_amd64.deb 5.4 MB 2024-05-22 13:10:19
netrinos-edgenode-linux_latest_arm64.deb 5.0 MB 2024-05-22 13:10:19

Installing for Debian based Linux

The script will automatically determine the correct deb file for the your system architecture. It must be run with root privileges.

By default, it will install the latest stable version. To install a specific version, append the version number, latest, beta, daily, to the end of the command.

Note: The deb installer will not launch the GUI systray icon on completion of the install. You will have to start it yourself from the menu for the fist time. After rebooting, it will launch automatically.


sudo ./ [version]

Or, directly from the shell:

sudo true; wget -O- | sudo bash -s 
sudo true; wget -O- | sudo bash -s daily
sudo true; wget -O- | sudo bash -s [version]

For other Linux distributions

For other distrubutions, download and unpack the tgz file for your architecture. Place the binaries in /usr/local/bin and make sure you have the dependancies of wireguard, nftables, and nmap installed.

There could be other missing dependancies for your distro. Please contact us if you cannot get it going and we will try to help.